Pix taken by Bill & Dick ~ If you can identify anyone unamed please tell Bill!

Signing in & getting the traditional Helmet Stickers on each other...
Who is that in the hat: ___?, Mike signing in, Dick, Marsha (& Maria in back)

"Got ID?"
(Bob in white) & Marsha

Luggage Check In
Jane, Izzy, Jim, Cindy, Susan & Rhonda

How much stuff can we squeeze in!? President Jim & Secretary Cindy von Tungeln (our SAG / Inn Porters)

Lisa & Jim (our campsite Porter) Winkelpleck

The bathrooms closed!
Don, (Izzy) Larissa, Don ?, ___? , Susan? & ___? (please Email missing names to Bill)

...But Bill got us in! ___? , (David), Dale & Don (please Email missing names to Bill)

(___? & ___?) Frank, Jim & ___? (please Email missing names to Bill)

Bob's Motorcycle RV and Fruit Stop ready to roll!

Rollin out Alton: That's Jane in yellow... Don on the right? ( & ___?) Can you name the 7 riders in this pack?

Cabot: "Did Bill say there was another way near here?"
Can you name the 11 riders in this pack?  Kathleen & Marshal on tandem, ? in blue, Jane? in yellow, David in Solstice Jersey, ? in purple, ?,?, ? , Marsha in Solstice Jesrsey? Don w/ yellow pockets? & Paul...

"Great trail Bill - are you sure you wouldn't rather stay on Cabot or even just ride that paved path on the other side of the fence & climb over it at the sewer treatment plant?"
Daniel, Catherine & Penny


"Trail? What trail! "THIS SUCKS" Is that running sewage I hear & smell?"
"Daniel, Are my pits burning yet ?"

Penny, (Raul) Pedro, Catherine & Daniel refeuling on some Gatoraide in San Juan Capistrano

The Famous Carl's Junior in San Clemente: I see ? in a yellow helmet, ?, ? in blue jersey, ? standing, ?, ? in yellow, Marsha? waving both hands, ? standing w/ yellow/black shoulder, ? sitting, ? sitting on the wall with Jane in the yellow & Mike? on the right... Can you name the 7 riders in this pack?

Rick having a good day! ( & ready to snack at Carl's)

Entering Camp Pendleton; Dev, Catherine, Penny & Daniel
Bobs Fruit Stop:

There's that purple jersey again, ? with elbows out, ?, Bob with the knife, and a gaggle of folks enjoying the cold berries, cherries & melons...

Catherine (loaded), Penny, Jim, (Daniel), Cindy & Bob. (Note Bill's load in the foreground)

Carlsbad Beach; Passed Hill Street traffic! Daniel, Penny, Catherine & Dev


Daniel gets advice from Penny on tent construction while she sits on Bob's trailer...

Catherine gets some help from Adam

Dev & Daniel play the Hammer Toss game...
Great water!

That's Kathy cooling off in the surf...

Let's see what's up at the Inn...