Pix taken by Bill & Bob ~ If you can identify anyone unamed please tell Bill!

"It's 7:36 am - LET'S Goooo!" (Mike & Dale)

Paul & Dev - Is any one else coming?

Here they come!


Don, Penny (Paul) Dev, Susan, __?

Penny (Angela, Paul) Tommie, Dev

Rhonda, Susan, ?, Mike, ?, Angela, ? Dev, (?)


Good Morning! Paul will take your Bag, Dev will show Jeff where to sign in...

Gathered around the tail gate...
David, ? ? ? ? ? Dolores, ? & Bill (help out with some names!)


Jim, Kathy & Gil sign in...

Kathy, Jim & Gil

Gil helps Kathy into her sticker

Paul, Jean-Pierre & Dev

Paul says "I'll take that!"
Don, Debra, Paul, ?, Jim

Rhonda, Barbara & Doug; More SAG!

"Let's Go!" (Jo & Don)

"Lets Go... PEE!"

Tommie & Jo





Gather 'round for anouncements...
(Bill) __?, Don? ?, ?, Penny, David? Jo, Susan, Julie & ?, Angela & Paul

Can any one name all 18 riders? (plus Bill)

"Blah Blah Blah, Bla-blippity Blah Blaw" (Geeze he likes to talk!)
(Paul) Rhonda, ? ? Dev, Debi, Bill, (?) ?, ?, Jim

"OK - Let's Ride!" (Jim, Susan, ?, John)

Bob, Bill, Dev, Angela & Paul

Next; Let's Ride!

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